3 /4O Nude Food Experiment


As students of the Sustainability Leader, we were terribly embarrassed to discover that we’re one of the weakest classes participating in Nudie Foodie Walkie Wednesdays! We’re very good at the Walkie/Wheelie part but unfortunately, we need some help to increase the number of participants in the Nudie Foodie part!

So, for one whole week, we’re going to collect all the rubbish from our lunch boxes and see just how much rubbish we send to land fill each day!

Take a closer look at the following photos! Are you surprised how much rubbish we have? It’s hard to imagine how much rubbish we’ll have accumulated by the end of the week…

Let’s hope this’ll help us to realise how important it is to make a Nudie Foodie lunch as often as possible.

Here’s a link to cool games that’ll help you make a healthy Nude Food lunch: http://www.nudefoodday.com.au/schools/interactive-activities.php

What are your tips for a Nude Food lunch?  Please help 3/4O!!!