Fun Lessons with Y6

What a fun afternoon we’ve had! 🙂

The Year 6s have been working hard this term, planning and organising a selection of fun activities for all the different levels to enjoy over recent Fridays. Today was the final whole school rotation for the L3’s.

The L3s choose which activity they’d like to participate in from the options below:
  1. Basketball
  2. Science
  3. Cooking
  4. Arts and craft
  5. Dance and Fitness and
  6. Rugby

All the children enjoyed themselves immensely and were particularly grateful for this opportunity.

During one of the Masterchef cooking sessions, they made Avocado and Hummus dip AND lemonade spiders!! The winner of the

Masterchef competition (Cooking Group 3) was… Aengus O’Byrne! In the science group they made sherbet! For the arts and craft session, they made stress balls using flour and balloons!

What did you participate in? Did you enjoy this experience?

A special thank you goes out to L4 for the wonderful opportunity – the L3 students loved their activities!


Clean Up Australia Day

Next Monday, 3rd March, HWPS will celebrate Clean Up Australia Day. The Level 3 students will be cleaning up after lunch around Creswick Reserve .

Please bring a plastic bag, gloves or tongs to collect and sort the rubbish.

Are there any parents who are able to come along on our excursion? Please let your child’s teacher know!

We hope to see you there, L3 Teachers