3/4O Give Generously to Asylum Seekers

THANK YOU to all the students and families in 3/4O for your very generous donations to the asylum seekers in Melbourne.  Tomorrow the students will have to help me put in the ALL the donations of goods and food into my car!  There are bags full of donations!  I am overwhelmed with your support and generosity and I feel very proud of our students for taking action and supporting such a worthy cause.  I will deliver the goods over the holidays…. More photos to come… 🙂

3/4O Donations for Immigrants to Melbourne

We’re collecting foods and goods to donate to refugees who’ve recently arrived in Melbourne based on what we’ve learnt about some immigrants’ experiences.

Have a look at the list and think what could you spare and donate: Suggested foods and goods

Please send your donations to Olivia’s room. Foods and goods will be accepted up until Friday 21st June, when Olivia will drop them off at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Alphington.  http://www.asrc.org.au/  What do you think your family could donate? Click here to read a copy of our: Letter to our Parents