Hi parents

We are all busy eating dinner (chicken schnitzel) and chatting about what an awesome day we have had. The weather was great and we celebrated Talia’s birthday with two HUGE cakes for afternoon tea. Later tonight we are all going to get cosy in out pj’s and bring our sleeping bags down to the hall for a movie. We are all excited to see you tomorrow but also don’t want to leave camp 🙂

Camp update!

Just a quick note to all our parents that we are having a FANTASTIC time at camp. Last night we had an extremely entertaining camp concert where we saw students strut their stuff with dance, singing, lip syncing and comedy acts. We are now continuing our activities such as the giant swing, rock pool ramble, kitchen garden, intiitatives and many more! We are learning lots and having a GREAT time!
Here are some pictures from our adventures so far

3/4 CAMP

Hi Parents

We are all having a great time at camp!! We have already done three of our activities and had our camp concert. Congratulations Frankie, Maddy and Ally on coming 1st. See you all tomorrow

The 3/4’s



Today we had a great incursion where we learnt all about how to be safe online. 

We learnt how to manage some popular apps like Instagram and ensure they are set to ‘private’, we learnt about the ‘granny rule’ (to ask ‘would my grandma be ok with me sending this photo?).

We learnt about how to keep our information safe and what can happen if we share too much online. We also discussed cyberbullying and what to do when we feel unsafe. 

It was a very important and informative session!

Thank you to Tracy (from the Police Force) for coming to visit!



Margaret Wild!

This term we are focusing on ‘Authors as Mentors’. Our mentor author is Margaret Wild. She is a popular Australian author who writes great stories about lots of different things. We are noticing the techniques she uses to engage us, such as using powerful words, smilies, humour, interesting characters and fantastic illustrations. 

What do you notice about the Margaret Wild texts you have read in your class? Which is your favourite so far? Have you tried any techniques in your own writing?

From 3/4S

Where Poetry hides

This week in Grade 3/4 we started our Poetry unit.

We talked about where writers get their ideas for poems and students were asked the question:

‘Where does poetry hide?’

We learnt that inspiration can be found EVERYWHERE!

Here is a class poem written by 3/4R titled ‘Where Poetry Hides’.


Where Poetry Hides

By 3/4R


Poetry hides

in the memories of your heart.

Poetry hides

in the bang of a gun.

Poetry hides

in the clouds of the sky.

Poetry hides

in the swing of a sword.

Poetry hides

at the bottom of the ocean.

Poetry hides

in nature.

Poetry hides

in the running of the river.

Poetry hides

in the twinkle of the stars.

Poetry hides in love.


Reciprocal reading

We love reading different types of books and then talking about them.

It’s great to share the events of the story, particularly the exciting bits. We’ve been ‘clarifying’ our reading understanding in Reciprocal Reading groups. We sit around and talk to our group about what words and phrases mean and clear up sections we didn’t understand.

Reciprocal reading


Happy Mother’s Day to our mums


by Anya 34K


Love is a miraculous thing

Made of lovely golden rings.


From  mothers to fathers,

From sisters to brothers.


Love is a gift that you can’t force

If you do it will only make it worse.


Love is something you can take,

Only if it’s worth the wait.


Love gives you a fuzzy feeling

It’s almost like your heart escaped the ceiling.

Writing – it’s time to prepare for Open Night at HWPS

Australian Pied Piper

By Leo 34K


Where children played in merry days,

Where happiness was contagious,

The aboriginal children played all day,

Until the Australian Pied Pipers.


Australian Pied Pipers were cruel men,

They stole and killed for fun,

The children didn’t find this nice,

and tried to stop the Pipers,

but they guns and hurt the little ones,

that tried to take over.


Native Australians were soon scattered,

And no one knew their own mums and dads,

Except for some lucky ones,

That we call the survivors…


The legendary horseman


A man rode his horse down the barky road.

The man at the paddock said, “Oh, who’s that driver Green John?”

The old man went to find his specs in the hay.

Driver Green John saw the man, “Wow, he’s fast!

That’s the legendary horseman alright!”

The old man came back.

“Did I miss him?” said the old man,

tilting his specs into place.


By Jake 34K

Back in Time….. Commerating the ANZACs

April 25th, 2015 marks 100 years since the ANZACs arrived in Gallopoli. Hawthorn West held a special day at school today to show the students what it was like at school during WW1 and to commerate the ANZACs. We learnt all about the war and paid our respects to those who lost their lives.

Inside our rooms, you may have noticed that our tables were in rows, our teachers were dressed differently (like the olden days!) and they were extremely strict. We were not allowed to speak unless we were spoken to, we had to stand up to speak and were taught to march. Some of us even had to stand, with our face to the wall, holding a piece of paper between our nose and the wall, if we broke a rule! It was very different!

We read stories about the ANZACs and some of us wrote letters to our loved ones, pretending we were at Gallipoli.

During 3/4 sport we played sports like marbles, hop scotch and two-up. It was interesting to learn about these different sports. 

Here are some reflections about our day:

It was interesting to learn about how the poppies grew at Gallipoli (Will RS)

I think it was sad learning about how the people died (Will M)

I liked writing letters to people in the war (Geogia)

I liked learning what school was like during the war (Lola)

It was interesting to see how kids used to learn in the olden days (Beth)

It was interesting learning some facts about the war like why the flag flies at half mast sometimes 

I liked playing the games that they used to play like marbles (Phoebe MA)

It is interesting to know how school was in the olden days (Ethan)

The punishments were interesting (Lola)

If your teacher actually whacked you with a ruler like they did in the olden days they would probably go to jail! (Jonathan)

A special thank you to everyone who helped with the day, especially Charlotte who led the coordiantion of the day. Thank you to the parents for helping you children dress up! 
From Grade 3/4