Level 3 Blog Guidelines

We are learning to be cybersafe. These are our rules for good blogging.

1. Always be polite, respectful and courteous when responding.

2. Use your first name only.

2. Be anonymous and never reveal personal details about yourself or your family.

3. Ask questions to encourage a continued conversation.

4. The Level 3 teachers will check all posts and comments before they are posted.

5. Parents and friends who leave comments are asked to use their first names only.

4 thoughts on “Level 3 Blog Guidelines

  1. Hi 34k, Archie here. I have just spent the whole day cattle mustering. We were on horses and we had to get all the cows and calves out of their paddocks and into the yards. Then after the calves had been marked we took them back. We did 5 paddocks. It was really fun chasing cows on horseback, but we had to be careful to make sure we didn’t make the cows run the wrong way. We still have a couple of paddocks to do tomorrow. See you on Thursday. Archie

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