How To Leave A Comment

We’re looking forward to hearing from our visitors and would love comments on our posts. Here’s how you can do it…

  1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on;
  2. Click on ‘Leave a Comment’ or the speech bubble;
  3. Type your first name only and an e-mail address, which will not be published;
  4. Don’t forget to write the ‘spam word’ exactly how you see it;
  5. Click ‘submit comment’;
  6. Your comment WILL NOT appear straight away. It will be sent to the Level 3 teachers via email for checking first and if it’s OK, it will appear on our site soon after.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

9 thoughts on “How To Leave A Comment

  1. Looking forward to the finals of 3/4 sport! The Lambos and the Lightning will be looking forward to crushing the oposition! So watch out!!!

  2. Wow, this blog is amazing. I love it. Thanks for setting it up everybod. Everybody is soooooooooo amazed.
    Lachie 🙂

  3. Hi 3/4’s I haven’t been on the blog in ages. I loooooved hoop time on Tuesday ,it was probably one of the best days of my life!!!!!!! By

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