Earth Hour


Tomorrow, Friday 28th March, HWPS will participate in the annual world-wide celebration –EARTH HOUR!

Each class will dedicate one hour in their classroom, where they will switch off ALL electricity for 1 hour.

Earth Hour is a world-wide event, occurring on Saturday 29th March, from 8:30pm.

Perhaps you could participate at home too…

What kinds of games could you play in the dark with your family?

Clean Up Australia Day – Monday @ HWPS

Remember that next Monday, 3rd March, we’ll celebrate Clean Up Australia Day.

The 3/4 students will be cleaning up at Creswick Park, straight after lunch at 1:50pm.

Please bring a plastic bag with you.  You may wish to bring gloves or tongs to collect and sort the rubbish.

Could any of your parents come along on our excursion?  If so, please let your teacher know and tell them to turn up on the day, just prior to our clean up time.  They can meet us at our line up area.

You may want to click on the link to Play Clean Up the River: An Interactive Recycling Game here!

Also, Greenpeace are supporting a fun activity alongside ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ – you may enjoy looking at this cool initiative or participating – have a look at  Remember to ask your parents first!

We hope to see you there! 🙂

Clean Up Australia Day

Next Monday, 3rd March, HWPS will celebrate Clean Up Australia Day. The Level 3 students will be cleaning up after lunch around Creswick Reserve .

Please bring a plastic bag, gloves or tongs to collect and sort the rubbish.

Are there any parents who are able to come along on our excursion? Please let your child’s teacher know!

We hope to see you there, L3 Teachers

3 /4O Nude Food Experiment


As students of the Sustainability Leader, we were terribly embarrassed to discover that we’re one of the weakest classes participating in Nudie Foodie Walkie Wednesdays! We’re very good at the Walkie/Wheelie part but unfortunately, we need some help to increase the number of participants in the Nudie Foodie part!

So, for one whole week, we’re going to collect all the rubbish from our lunch boxes and see just how much rubbish we send to land fill each day!

Take a closer look at the following photos! Are you surprised how much rubbish we have? It’s hard to imagine how much rubbish we’ll have accumulated by the end of the week…

Let’s hope this’ll help us to realise how important it is to make a Nudie Foodie lunch as often as possible.

Here’s a link to cool games that’ll help you make a healthy Nude Food lunch:

What are your tips for a Nude Food lunch?  Please help 3/4O!!!


National Tree Day Success

Thanks go to you and your families for your very generous donations. 🙂 We raised $1242 to purchase beautiful native trees, shrubs and grasses.

On National School’s Tree Planting day, last Friday, the Green Team taught us how to plant a tree and then every student planted a tree with a partner.

Afterwards, we all made a pledge to save the environment.  We wrote our pledges on recycled paper/envelopes that had been printed in blue patterns and cut in the shape of a leaf.  All our pledge ‘leaves’ were hung on the ‘pledge’ tree and are now proudly hanging on display in the Office.

What was your pledge? Did you plant a tree/bush at home on the weekend? Did you have fun?  Tell us some of your planting experiences from the day…

Thank you again for your generousity and support with this important national event. 🙂

National Tree Planting Day

Next Friday, 26th July is National School’s Tree Planting Day.  We’re calling upon all families to help achieve our goal of planting one tree per child.  Please click on the link to access the ‘Give Now’ account- NTPD.  Donations of $2 and above are welcomed! 

Who thinks we can match or better the funds we raised last year ($2000)? 

3/4 O – World Environment Day Pledge

So far, we’re managing to stick to our pledge of turning off the electricity in the last hour of school every day! Interestingly, it’s quite dark (and cold) in here at this time of the day!!  But we all know that there are many benefits to our environment!  It would be interesting to note the electricity bill for the month of June.  What do you think you’d notice about our electricity bill?