What a fabulous day!!  We were so impressed with the team spirit, determination and great attitudes, not to mention some impressive basketball skills!  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we’re proud to announce that both our Future Star teams made it into the final.  The winning team will head off to District competition soon.

Thank you to Sam Milner (PE) and all the parents who were able to support us today – we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Did you enjoy your games?  Tell us about your experiences…

Read more information here: http://www.hooptimebasketball.com.au/



Hooptime Excursion

Tomorrow, (Tuesday) the L3’s will go on their Hooptime Excursion!  🙂


  • Wear lots of layers
  • Bring lunch and a BIG drink
  • Wear shorts without pockets (or sew up the pockets)
  • Wear basketball clothes – eg. team singlet and shorts
  • Wear school jumper and school t-shirt, or basketball singlet

Please be at school earlier than normal – 8:30am at the L3 line-up area.  The buses will leave at 8:45am.

Here’s to a fabulous day.  Thank you, Sam Milner!!

More soon!

L3 Teachers

Clean Up Australia Day – Monday @ HWPS

Remember that next Monday, 3rd March, we’ll celebrate Clean Up Australia Day.

The 3/4 students will be cleaning up at Creswick Park, straight after lunch at 1:50pm.

Please bring a plastic bag with you.  You may wish to bring gloves or tongs to collect and sort the rubbish.

Could any of your parents come along on our excursion?  If so, please let your teacher know and tell them to turn up on the day, just prior to our clean up time.  They can meet us at our line up area.

You may want to click on the link to Play Clean Up the River: An Interactive Recycling Game here!

Also, Greenpeace are supporting a fun activity alongside ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ – you may enjoy looking at this cool initiative or participating – have a look at http://www.stoptrashingaustralia.org/?src=EM1.  Remember to ask your parents first!

We hope to see you there! 🙂

L3 Newsletter – Term 4

Dear Parents,

Please have a read of everything that is going on in L3 this Term – click the link here – Level 3 Newsletter Term 4 2013.

You’ll find out what the students will learn in Literacy, Numeracy and during their Inquiry Unit.  We’ve also included some key dates, pertinent to L3 students.

Kind Regards,

L3 Staff – Michele, Kristine, Liz, Jacqui and Olivia


Melbourne Zoo Excursion

We had a GREAT time at the Melbourne Zoo today learning about the interesting life cycles of some animals and learning about how we depend on certain animal species.  What animals species do we rely on?  How do they help us?

Grade 4 Science Excursion

One of the best things at the science excursion to Hawthorn Secondary College was using the Electronic Brain Box Kits.  We found out about motors, switches, lights, sirens, alarms and radios by actually building the circuits.  We now have a good understanding of how circuits work.  What’s great about these circuits is that the components are connected with press studs.

We had a great day and would like to thank the science teachers and Year 11 students at Hawthorn Secondary College.