3/4 CAMP

Hi Parents

We are all having a great time at camp!! We have already done three of our activities and had our camp concert. Congratulations Frankie, Maddy and Ally on coming 1st. See you all tomorrow

The 3/4’s


4 thoughts on “3/4 CAMP

  1. Hi 3/4’s,
    Thanks for the update. Great to hear you are a super time. School drop off was very quiet without you all today. And you brothers and sisters can not understand why the house is so quite. Rudy’s sister thinks it is boring with no one to play with. Have fun!!

  2. Thanks for the update! Very glad to hear you are having a great time at camp. I bet the concert was fantastic, can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Narelle Preston

  3. Glad you have had such a great couple of days. Has definitely been quiet at home and at school for that matter! Looking forward to hearing all about it!
    tania (noah c’s mum)

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