Today we had a great incursion where we learnt all about how to be safe online. 

We learnt how to manage some popular apps like Instagram and ensure they are set to ‘private’, we learnt about the ‘granny rule’ (to ask ‘would my grandma be ok with me sending this photo?).

We learnt about how to keep our information safe and what can happen if we share too much online. We also discussed cyberbullying and what to do when we feel unsafe. 

It was a very important and informative session!

Thank you to Tracy (from the Police Force) for coming to visit!



Margaret Wild!

This term we are focusing on ‘Authors as Mentors’. Our mentor author is Margaret Wild. She is a popular Australian author who writes great stories about lots of different things. We are noticing the techniques she uses to engage us, such as using powerful words, smilies, humour, interesting characters and fantastic illustrations. 

What do you notice about the Margaret Wild texts you have read in your class? Which is your favourite so far? Have you tried any techniques in your own writing?

From 3/4S