Back in Time….. Commerating the ANZACs

April 25th, 2015 marks 100 years since the ANZACs arrived in Gallopoli. Hawthorn West held a special day at school today to show the students what it was like at school during WW1 and to commerate the ANZACs. We learnt all about the war and paid our respects to those who lost their lives.

Inside our rooms, you may have noticed that our tables were in rows, our teachers were dressed differently (like the olden days!) and they were extremely strict. We were not allowed to speak unless we were spoken to, we had to stand up to speak and were taught to march. Some of us even had to stand, with our face to the wall, holding a piece of paper between our nose and the wall, if we broke a rule! It was very different!

We read stories about the ANZACs and some of us wrote letters to our loved ones, pretending we were at Gallipoli.

During 3/4 sport we played sports like marbles, hop scotch and two-up. It was interesting to learn about these different sports. 

Here are some reflections about our day:

It was interesting to learn about how the poppies grew at Gallipoli (Will RS)

I think it was sad learning about how the people died (Will M)

I liked writing letters to people in the war (Geogia)

I liked learning what school was like during the war (Lola)

It was interesting to see how kids used to learn in the olden days (Beth)

It was interesting learning some facts about the war like why the flag flies at half mast sometimes 

I liked playing the games that they used to play like marbles (Phoebe MA)

It is interesting to know how school was in the olden days (Ethan)

The punishments were interesting (Lola)

If your teacher actually whacked you with a ruler like they did in the olden days they would probably go to jail! (Jonathan)

A special thank you to everyone who helped with the day, especially Charlotte who led the coordiantion of the day. Thank you to the parents for helping you children dress up! 
From Grade 3/4