Helping our Foundation Community!

As part of our Inquiry Unit which has been focused on ‘Learning Communities’, each homeroom has been working in groups to develop ways of celebrating, promoting, improving or supporting different communities at HWPS. 3/4S decided that one way we would support the Foundation community is by sharing our learning with some students. It was our job to develop a lesson (including a Learning Intention!) that helped Foundation students learn their ‘anticlockwise letters’. We used the ipads to create presentations about different letters and then the foundations students were able to record themselves writing letters, using the app ‘Explain Everything’. 

3/4S did a FANTASTIC job helping the Foundation community at HWPS. Congratulations!

From 3/4S ūüôā



A good mathematician can say, make and draw numbers!

In order to help us understand place value concepts we have been saying, making and drawing numbers.

Today we made numbers using MAB blocks. We had to race to make 100! We rolled a die and were allowed to collect that many units, once we had 10 units we could trade it for one ten and put it in our ‘tens column’, after we had ten tens we could trade it into our hundreds column!

We then practiced drawing representations of these numbers.

See if you can answer these questions in the comments:

How many tens are in 100?
How many hundreds are in 1000?
How many tens are in the number 584?
How many hundreds are in the number 4562?

Answer below!

From the Grade 3/4 Numeracy Community ūüôā




Numeracy Fun

In maths we are learning about place value and length.

We made paper planes and measured how far they flew.

Then we modified our planes, flew them again and measured our results again.

Finally, we shared our class data and ordered our best throws on a number line.

We learnt that maths is everywhere – even in making paper planes!