Swimming Sports Day

Grade 3/4 had a great day at the swimming pool yesterday.

There were great skills on display along with a large dose of determination – the teachers were so proud!

Our new PE teacher, Mark, did a spectacular job running the day and ensuring we were all happy.

Pics to come!

Congratulations to Freeman for another great win in the pool.

Grades 3/4 off and running!

Our year is off and running, and we are thrilled to report that the Grade 3/4 community has been working very well. We have met all the different teachers that teach in our area and have been also getting to know the other students in our year level.

All the homerooms have been learning about communities, discussing things like:

What is a community?
What are the different roles of people within a community?
How should our level three community look, feel and sound?
Why is our learning community important?
How can we be great community members?

We have also been setting up our Writing, Reading and Numeracy workshops. We have discussed our expectations of behaviour and made decisions about our workshop guidelines, ensuring everyone agrees and is on board!

Most importantly we have been having FUN playing games, getting to know each other and learning about our new community.

A letter will be sent home soon, giving information general information and a personal note from all the homeroom teachers.

Some questions we’d love to have answered:

Where do you use maths in the real world? (Eg Cobie uses maths when she reads music, she needs to understand fractions)

Where do you use writing in the real world? (Eg Emily writes lists every day to make sure she gets her jobs done, Cobie likes to write her own songs)

What is your favourite book and why?

What community are you part of?

These answers will help us with the set up of our Workshops. Comment below!!

Level 3 Community