Poetry – seeds (inspiration_

We’ve been learning where poets seek inspiration.  One way poets/writers may seek inspiration and find ‘seeds’ is by opening the x5 Doors to Poetry:

  1. Heart Door
  2. Wonder Door
  3. Concerns about the Environment Door
  4. Observation Door and the
  5. Memory Door.

We’ll explore going into these ‘doors’ and finding seeds/inspiration for our poetry over the term.

Which door could you ‘walk’ through and find a ‘seed’ to write about?


3/4O Science Day

Today we enjoyed some interesting science experiments. First we hypothesised about what happened to the ice cubes some students left in front of a heater for about 2 hours – when they came back, the ice and water had completely disappeared!  We considered what the investigable question was and developed a storyboard to explain what happened to the ice…

Secondly, we experimented with corn kernels by piercing them.  Some of the effects the students hypothesised included certain effects like the alteration of size and colour when they were cooked.  In order to keep our experiment fair we modified some variables – some were kept the same and some differed.  Ask your child about their findings! Was their hypothesis proven? Or not?! What do you think happened to the corn kernels that were pierced?  Do you think the pierced popcorn would still pop like normal, unpierced popcorn?