3 /4 Sport FINALS!

Today, we played  the semi and Grand Finals in the following sports:

  • tee ball
  • soccer/rounders
  • basketball and
  • rapid fire.

With equal disapointment AND excitement – there were some major UPSETS today (just like in the AFL final series)!!!

As you’re aware, before the semi finals, the ladder was:

  1. King Kongs
  2. Kicking Kangeroos
  3. Grey Gorillas
  4. Octopuses
  5. Mad Monkeys
  6. Magics
  7. Giggling Geese
  8. Orang-u-tangs

In Tee-Ball

(Semi Final)

King Kongs (8) v Oct (11) – UPROAR!!!


Kicking Kangeroos (5) v Octopuses (8) – UPROAR!


In Rapid Fire

(Semi Final)

Kicking Kangeroos (68) v Grey Gorillas (56)

(Fun *final*)

King Kongs ( 68) v Grey Gorillas (70) – UPROAR!!


In Basketball

(Semi Final)

Mad Monkeys (12) v Orangutangs (6)

(Fun *final*)

Giggling Geese (14) v Mad Monkeys (12)


In Rounders

(Semi Final)

Magics (6) v Giggling Geese (4)

(Fun *final*)

Magic (4) v Orangutangs (4) – TIE!

Tie-breker game:

Magic (2.5) v (2)

Magic were the winers by .5!!


What an exciting finals series!

Well done on a fabulous Term in 34 Sport!

Did you enjoy the Finals?  What sports would you like to play next Term?