Damp, Wet Campers – Day 3

Oh dear!!  It has not stopped raining since yesterday afternoon!!! 🙁

As a result, unfortunately many of our plans have had to change today.  We won’t be going to the Upper Yarra Dam or walking through the rainforest.  Instead, we’ll watch a movie here at camp before setting off back home just after lunch.

ETA- 2:30pm – The school will email you a further, more accurate ETA later on today…  Please feel free to collect your child from the library at this time.

The cleanest cabin maintained over the duration of the camp was finally announced this morning. Congratulations to…. Ruby K, Ella P, Alica and Talia!!  Thank you for taking such great care of your belongings (and each other, of course).

We celebrate another student’s birthday today – Happy Birthday Eric! Pancakes with ice-cream, sprinkles, candles and a ‘sparkler’!

A special thank you to the following staff:

  1. Sandy Paice (First Aid/Educational Support),
  2. Sam Milner (PE) and
  3. Dylan Benwell (1/2D).

Thanks must also go to the following parent volunteers:

  1. Peter Stafford – Matisse
  2. Wayne Phillips – Jake
  3. Michelle Caldecott – Ruby and
  4. Elizabeth Becker – Ruby.

Without the support of these people we wouldn’t have been able to attend.

And finally…

Thanks to the following Year 3/4 Staff – especially our camp coordinator:

  1. Michele Kluka – 34M – camp coordinator
  2. Liz Nye – 34LH
  3. Kristine Bright – 34K and
  4. Olivia Soderberg 34O.

We hope you’ve enjoyed receiving our blog posts – thank you for ALL your thoughtful responses.

See you soon.


L3 Teachers 🙂

Wet Campers -Day 2

They’re all  asleep… finally!

  • Lasagna, chips and salad for dinner with jelly and icecream for dessert!

  • Outstanding, creative performances – we won’t tell you who the winners were, although… they included a masked dancer, a solo singer and a group of animals!

It’s continued to rain heavily here all afternoon… Hopefully it’ll help the kids sleep better?!

Good night!



Happy Campers – Day 2 – afternoon

The bad news…Oh dear! The rain has come and now, unfortunately, we’re unable to go panning for GOLD! (We’re sorry we won’t be bringing any gold nuggets home this time)!

The good news… We’ve got some visitors! Glenys and Jacqui arrived this morning and have been helping us out.  Jacqui braved the mini-golf and Glenys tried her hand on the flying fox! She enjoyed it so much, she had a second turn, much to the kids delight!


  • Chicken burgers for lunch
  • cup cakes for afternoon tea


  • camp concert and the much anticipated…
  • DISCO!

More to come…. 🙂


A rainy start – Day 2 Campers

We made it through the first night with only a few tears 🙂 (No sicknesses to report)!!

We’re full on eggs, hashbrowns, toast and cereal and ready for another BIG day.

Unfortunately, it’s been raining this morning and it’s quite windy, so we’ve had to push our activities forward… Hopefully the rain will stay away until we break for morning tea.

We celebrate a Y4 boy’s birthday today – Happy Birthday Jake! Birthday cake is guaranteed!

More soon,

L3 Teachers 🙂

We’re a Happy Team at….Camp! – Day 1

A quick update for you all from the country:

  • Amazing weather,
  • x4 activities,
  • Bush dance and now to end a fabulous day, a…
  • Night walk!

Dinner –

  1. Chicken schnitzel, baked potatoes with peas, corn and carrots and
  2. Chocolate self-saucing pudding and icecream


  1. “The day was the best!” – Darcy
  2. “The giant swing was just awesome!” Nicky
  3. “I liked the bush dance the best!” – Claudia
  4. “The beds are comfy!” – Gresham
  5. “The ropes course was hard” – Millie S
  • Tomorrow – potential rain 🙁
  • Concert followed by DISCO!

Sleep well!

L3 Team


Camp – one more sleep

There’s only one more sleep until we set off to camp!!

Remember to bring a warm waterproof jacket – the forecast looks like it’ll rain ALL day on Thursday!

We’ll see you in the morning at 8:45am – at your child’s designated ‘meeting’ area.

Blog posts to come daily!


L3 Teachers



Today we found out which cabin we’re in for Camp Arrabri.

It’s going to be great fun sharing a room with our friends.

We need to meet our teacher at 8:45 on Wednesday ready for a 9:15 departure.

Refer to our blog for daily updates from camp.


Speaking & Listening – Homework Activity

This week the students will tell a unique story to their peers as part of their homework.  In preparation, we’ve been observing what good story tellers do when they recite stories.  Take a look at the popular English poet, Michael Rosen and note what speaking strategies he uses to engage his audiece.  Perhaps you could use some of these strategies too… Which ones could you try and use?