This Friday we’re all taking part in the annual HWPS  lapathon in St. James Park at 12:15.

Today was out last day of Level 3 sport for Term 1. We’ve had a great time playing cricket, rounders, rapid fire and T-Ball. We look forward to playing other grades next term… Bring it on!!

Earth Hour


Tomorrow, Friday 28th March, HWPS will participate in the annual world-wide celebration –EARTH HOUR!

Each class will dedicate one hour in their classroom, where they will switch off ALL electricity for 1 hour.

Earth Hour is a world-wide event, occurring on Saturday 29th March, from 8:30pm.

Perhaps you could participate at home too…

What kinds of games could you play in the dark with your family?

Persuasive Rhetorical Questions

We’ve been learning to notice the difference between a normal question AND a rhetorical question.

See if you can spot the difference between these questions:

  1. How are you? (Radhvi)
  2. What is a party without lollies?! (Alexander)
  3. What would it be like, to do homework all night long without a rest? (Oscar D & Anya)
  4. When is your birthday? (Lewis)
  5. How would you like it, if you were up to your knees in muck?! (Tom)

Now, try and persuade your teacher to ban HOMEWORK using a rhetorical question!!!!  We just might ban it if they’re persuasive enough! 🙂  Leave your rhetorical questions in the comment box below!!



Cross Country Running Training Group – Tuesday ams


We’re in the Cross Country Running Training Group that meets every Tuesday at 8:30am to run.

We run for half an hour, up and down hills and around the St James’ Park – running 4 laps!  The Year 3/4s run 4 laps and Year 5/6s run 5.

Sam, Dylan and Olivia give us running tips and encourage us to run and get fit!

Every Wednesday, we have the sorest legs from all the running!!

It’s really fun, we’d like to run next Term too!

Who’s part of our running group?  Do you like it?

Evie and Sian (34O)