National Gallery of Victoria/Melbourne Museum

Today at the National Gallery, we explored several amazing pieces…

We carefully considered the paintings during discussions led by the Education Officers at the Gallery.

Some groups considered, for example:

– What is the main part of the picture?

– What does the piece remind you of?

– What mood does it evoke?

– What sounds/smells would you experience if you were in or near the scene?

– How could we use aliteration to describe the scene?

The aliteration examples below describe a painting called The Poultry Yard…

Furious Feathers Flying in the Farm (Alexander 3/4M);

Flying Feathers in a Flock (Alaska 3/4O).

– How could we create a haiku poem to describe the painting, making sure we had 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, then 5 in the third line.

Here is an example of a Haiku poem created by Georgia in 3/4M about the painting Ulysses and the Sirens 

Tied Up to the Mast

Sirens call to men on boats

Crashing on the waves

At the Melbourne Museum, we spent time looking at The Human Body exhibit.

Students compared their height to that of an Irish giant and a Sicillian dwarf, they learnt about the different organs food passes through as it travels through the digestive system, the various x-rays and other scans that doctors might use to help diagnose and respond to medical problems, the process and reasons behind ancient Egyptian mummification, and the number of genes that combine to make us who we are!

Some students also enjoyed exploring Bunjilaka, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre at the museum. A highlight was seeing Bunjil, the eagle creator being. This kinetic sculpture was unlike anything most students had ever seen before. We would recommend it!

Follow up tasks

  • Students, you may wish to describe to your parents or siblings your favourite painting or exhibit from today OR
  • Use the approaches learnt at NGV today to explore a painting or image you have at home OR
  • Create a Haiku poem to describe a scene of your choice!

Thanks to parent-helpers

A big thank you to our parent-helpers. Your assistance helped to make the day run very smoothly.

Best wishes,

3/4 Teachers

L3 Newsletter – Term 4

Dear Parents,

Please have a read of everything that is going on in L3 this Term – click the link here – Level 3 Newsletter Term 4 2013.

You’ll find out what the students will learn in Literacy, Numeracy and during their Inquiry Unit.  We’ve also included some key dates, pertinent to L3 students.

Kind Regards,

L3 Staff – Michele, Kristine, Liz, Jacqui and Olivia


New Homework Activity

Hello! Today the students received their exciting creative writing task!

If you are having difficulties, please come and speak with your teacher as soon as possible.

Goodluck – let us know what text you’ll innovate (change) and how you’ll innovate it (by changing the ending, writing a sequel or changing the point of view).

Excursion to Museum & Gallery

Please note we sent out an information letter about our upcoming excursion to the Melbourne Museum and the Art Gallery of Victoria today via email.  It also contains a permission slip.  Please return your permission slip as soon as possible to your class teacher.

Thank you.

Mmm, I wonder what amazing things we’ll learn in the Human Body exhibition at the Museum?  What would you like to know about our bodies?

Homework – Creative Writing Task

A homework task will be handed out next Monday.

The format is slightly different to usual, requiring the students to plan and draft an innovation on a text.  They will have 10 days to complete the creative writing task.

Students – start thinking about your favourite fairy tale or well-known short story because you’ll be required to alter the original version!

Mmm, which story will you alter?!