End of Term and Holidays

Tomorrow we all finish at 2:30pm. Then let the holidays begin!

I wonder if you will do anything on the holidays you could blog about? Keep in touch and tell us what you’re up to.

If you are heading out of Melbourne for the holidays, be sure to log in to the blog and let us know where you’re blogging from! (This will add to our world map – ClusterMap.)

We hope everyone has a safe and happy break.

Best wishes,

The Level 3 teachers



Most of our 3/4 classes have used all the tissues you kindly supplied at the beginning of the year. 

If you haven’t already generously donated a box, would you please send one in as soon as possible.

3/4 O and 3/4 L have completely run out!  Oops!

Thank you, Level 3 Teachers 🙂

Energy Week at HWPS

This week, every class in the school is learning about Energy and Electricity.

We source most of our energy from NON-renewable resources 🙁 (when they’ve run out, they’ve gone forever) and we’re trying to come up with creative ways to source energy in a renewable way.

What do you know about energy? Take a quiz:  HERE  It’s got games and interesting facts.

How do you help save energy at your house?

Help save the Eastern Barred Bandicoot from extinction

Did you know a baby bandicoot is the size of a 5 cent piece?  Well, neither did we until, Mylo (3/4K) approached all the other Level 3 classes and spoke of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

Eastern Barred Bandicoot at night

Mylo recently attended a GATEWAYS opportunity at the Werribee Zoo and learnt about the plight of this species of bandicoot.  At this stage, sadly, the bandicoot is extinct in the wild.

We congratulate Mylo 🙂 on raising our awareness of this Australian endangered species and raising funds to help fight extinction.

Click on the link to read more about the Eastern Barred Bandicoot and see what the Werribee Open Range Zoo are doing to help.  AND how you can help too! Watch the bandicoot at http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2012/s3663422.htm

Thanks must go to the children and families who kindly donated their 5c coins over the last three weeks (and Mylo and his family, of course)! 🙂  Please continue to bring in your 5c coins next week…

What other Australian animals are endangered?  Do the Melbourne Zoo have other programs we could support?  For all those animal lovers out there who’d like to promote another one of the Zoo’s programs?!

Money raised:

Friday 6th $22.05

Friday 13th $27.65

Friday 20th $ 50.45

Term 4 ???


Level 3 – HOOP TIME

On Tuesday, the Level 3’s went on a full-day sporting excursion to play basketball against other local schools.

The students, while being so well-behaved, enjoyed playing 4 or more games of basketball in mixed teams.

Every student achieved some success, including getting along with different people, shooting a goal or two and playing in a championship final.  Some teams were even selected to head off and play at a higher level in the coming months.

Did you enjoy Hoop Time?  How do you think you played?

Book Week – Book Fair and Reading Banners

The students at Hawthorn West are ‘wrapped’ in reading.

Over the last couple of weeks the students in every class have been working creatively on banners showcasing the work they are currently doing in English, eg. author studies, book reviews, poetry, favourite illustrators and authors.

The banners are displayed in the corridor outside Michele and Olivia’s rooms (Level 3). Students are already enjoying reading about favourite authors of students in other classes and other year levels.

It would be great to share our love of reading more widely, so…

We’d like to invite all our HWPS families to do a ‘reading walk’ down this corridor and enjoy the work achieved by all students.

Maybe when you come to the Book Fair, you could also spend a little time doing the ‘reading walk’.

3/4 O Rubbish Free Lunch Experiment

Congratulations to 3/4O on their fantastic attempt to reduce rubbish in their lunch boxes!  Our experiment last week (where we collected all the rubbish from our lunch boxes most days), helped the children to visualise the increasing amount of rubbish many contribute towards each day.

While we didn’t finish our experiment (due to the concert and district athletics), it did make some impact…

You’ll be pleased to know 3/4O beat their own personal record in the school Nudie Foodie (Walkie Wednesday) Challenge this week. Out of 22 students, 16 brought in a rubbish free lunch! CONGRATULATIONS and well done!

Thank you for taking action and supporting this important sustainable initiative!

I wonder how many students can have a rubbish free lunch next Wednesday?  Can 3/4O beat their new PB (Personal Best)?!