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Congratulations to all Level 3 students.

You have had over 1000 visitors to your amazing blog.

What a tremendous achievement.

What do you know about the number 1000?

Can you create some number problems?

Can you count forwards and backwards to 1000 by 2s, 5s, 10s, 100s?

See if you can challenge us with your knowledge about 1000.  Send us some comments.

Cyber Safety

Tip #1 – Did you know that:

  • Instagram has only 5 privacy settings for your security? AND
  • Facebook has 167 privacy settings for your security!!

Which social media ‘app’ do you infer is safest to use?!  Yes, Facebook is safer!  However, remember, both of these ‘apps’ are for children who are 13 years or older!!

See you at the Cyber Saftey information session tomorrow afternoon! 🙂

Times Tables

This term we’ll be focusing on learning our times tables!!

By the end of Year 4, we’d like all the children to know up to 10×10!

What can you do to learn your times tables?  Buy a poster, make a poster, practise all the time… Do you have any suggestions you could share? (I know some people display posters at the end of their bed, above their bed…AND on the back of the toilet door!!!

There are some cool time table Tunes you can play on Mathletics, have a look for them next time you log on.

National Tree Day Success

Thanks go to you and your families for your very generous donations. 🙂 We raised $1242 to purchase beautiful native trees, shrubs and grasses.

On National School’s Tree Planting day, last Friday, the Green Team taught us how to plant a tree and then every student planted a tree with a partner.

Afterwards, we all made a pledge to save the environment.  We wrote our pledges on recycled paper/envelopes that had been printed in blue patterns and cut in the shape of a leaf.  All our pledge ‘leaves’ were hung on the ‘pledge’ tree and are now proudly hanging on display in the Office.

What was your pledge? Did you plant a tree/bush at home on the weekend? Did you have fun?  Tell us some of your planting experiences from the day…

Thank you again for your generousity and support with this important national event. 🙂

Introduction of Whole School Rules at HWPS

We have a new motto at HWPS… ‘At HWPS We Care…’

Under our new motto we developed five school rules:

1.       We are safe – Be safe

2.       We are responsible – Be responsible

3.       We are respectful – Be respectful

4.       We are honest – Be honest

5.       We are ready to learn – Be ready to learn

In the coming week, we will think about what these school rules mean to Level 3.

Can you explain the meaning of one, some or all of these rules?