It is the end of another busy term and our students are looking forward to a well-deserved and enjoyable break. We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday, whether you are staying at home or travelling to warmer, or perhaps colder, places. Please keep in touch with us while you’re away. ūüôā

3/4O Give Generously to Asylum Seekers

THANK YOU¬†to¬†all the students and families in 3/4O for your very generous donations to the asylum seekers in Melbourne.¬† Tomorrow the students will have to help me put in the ALL the donations of goods and food into my car!¬† There are bags full of donations!¬† I am overwhelmed with your support¬†and generosity¬†and I feel very proud of our students for taking action and supporting such a worthy cause.¬† I will deliver the goods over the holidays…. More photos to come… ūüôā

Readers’ Workshop at HWPS

We¬†are looking forward¬†to all our Level 3, 4, 5 and 6¬†parents attending the Parent Partnership¬†next Tuesday, June 25,¬†to hear our¬†classroom teachers¬† present what a Reader’s Workshop looks like at HWPS. We hope you gain an understanding of how the teaching of reading has changed over the years. We¬†will proudly¬† show you elements of our daily Reader’s Workshop program and introduce you to the strategies we use with our students. The Prezi below is part of the evening that captures the main points for building lifelong readers at HWPS. (Click begin Prezi and set the timer for 4seconds in lower right hand menu)

Please leave us a comment sharing your experiences of reading when you were your children’s age. How did this evening help you to understand¬† about reading at HWPS?

Congratulations Level 3!!¬† We’ve had 500 visitors to our blog!!!!

We created our blog early this Term and reached 500 visitors 10 weeks later. 

How many visitors do you estimate we’ll have by the end of the Term 3?¬† How many at the end of the year?!!¬† Maybe the student who has the closest estimate will win a prize?!!¬† Good luck!

Classifying Living Things

We’ve been learning about what is classified as ‘living’? Did you know to be classified as living, the object/thing must have cells and show the following seven main life functions at some time:

  1. movement
  2. reproduction (mate)
  3. sensitivity (senses)
  4. growth
  5. respiration (breathing)
  6. elimination (excretion)
  7. nutrition (food/drink)

What are you wondering about living and non-living things?  Do you have any questions?

Level 3 Blog – nearly reaches 500 visitors

It is with much excitement that we note we’ve nearly had 500 visitors to our blog! It is also exciting to see that our friends around the world (Emily – 3/4O in England, Olle – 3/4M¬†and Fredrik 3/4O¬†in Sweden) enjoy reading what we’ve been up to and write to us.

We hope that when Fergus – 3/4K and Amy – 3/4M leave our school, they’ll log in and contact us too.

Let’s try and get to 500 visitors this week!

Are you heading on a holiday overseas soon?  Where could you check in and visit us from around the world?

Disco Dancing

Tonight is our school disco!  It runs bewteen 7:45-9:00pm.

We’re very excited about getting dressed up in our sparkly, dancing clothes and pulling out our best dance moves!¬† Are you going?!¬† What will you wear?!!!

Coles Sport Vouchers

Yesterday, Sam brought in a bucket of new sporting equipment for each class to play with outside.¬† These goods were ‘purchased’ through the Coles – Sports for Kids Voucher program.

Thanks to all our parents/grandparents/teachers and family friends who collected the vouches. In return, we were able to select lots of new sporting equipment!