3/4 Sport 24th May (Elimination and Semi Final)

What an exciting Elimination Final!  Ogres v Monsters –

The Monsters were tireless in their encouraging and the Ogres worked so close as a team when they fielding.

Fin received the highest amount of runs on 11 runs!!!  Our second biggest hitters were, Julian, Amy Se. Henry and Tom (34O).  Fin scored the highest amount across all games, even the Grand Final!

I wonder which class will win next time?!

Semi Final

The M&M’s lead the first innnings by 18 points. Lightning fought back, unfortunately they diidn’t win.

Congratulations to the M&M’s who won by 12 points (102 v 90)


HWPS Open Day in Level 3



This morning, some of our parents came into our classrooms.

In 34O, we had lots of fun playing maths games with them.  We played:

  • Time bingo
  • 31 card game
  • 24 Hour dominoes
  • Mathletics
  • First Place Runners and
  • other games involving dice and calculators.

Did your family come?

Have a look at some of the photos.  Can you see your family members?

Art in Level 3

rock artThe kids have commenced work on their new unit, ‘When Plants Attack’ to tie into their Inquiry unit of life cycles of plants and animals.  We will imagine what man-eating plants look like and illustrate them in oil pastel.  Stay posted to see our exciting results…beware the plants are watching you!!!! 

3/4 Sport – O v O – 17th May

On Friday, the Ogres and Octopussies played each other in a game of Rapid Fire. It was a tight match, infact, it was a DRAW at 67 points!!!

Unfortunately, the Ogres could have won, except they lost many points for moving before the hitter ran! Perhaps the Ogres will win next week?

There was also a terrible accident…a misphap between a person and a dog, who shall remain nameless! 🙂

Level 3 Dancing

Our year 3/4 students have just completed a 5 week dance program with visiting teacher Georgia Lombard. During these sessions the students explored beat and rhythm and invented movements to music. The students created their own dances around the theme of Australian Animals and performed these in front of their teachers and classmates on Monday. It was terrific to see our students working together performing their original dances.