Piñata Time!

Every Friday afternoon the students choose an activity with on of the teachers. The activities revolve around the curriculum topic of DCT (Design, Creativity and Technology). The students are asked to design something according to a design brief. The last couple of weeks in Emily’s group they have been making piñatas. They had to design, gather materials and produce a colourful piñata that could hold treats inside. Once the product was built we all went outside and smashed them to pieces!! Have a look at the photos to see all the fun.

(Sorry they are side ways!!!)


IMG_1470[1] IMG_1488[1] IMG_1494[1] IMG_1433 IMG_1434 IMG_1437 IMG_1442 IMG_1449 IMG_1458

End of term update

End of term update!

We have been busy bees this term, working hard in all subject areas. 

Click on the blue links to check out our students giving us an update of what has been happening in term 2.


Our maths lessons have had a big focus on looking at fractions.Maths1

We have been creating exceptional poetry in writing to create our poetry anthologies.Writing 2 Writing1 Writing3

We have been analysing, reading and inferring from poetry in reading. Reading1

 In spelling we have launched and working on our spelling investigations and personal word learning Spelling

Last but not least, we are currently finishing off our inquiry projects on a place in Victoria to present to the class in the final week.


All parents and carers: Please don’t hesitate to come in on Friday 24th July from 9:00-9:30 for our poetry open morning where we will be reading our poetry anthologies.

It would be great to see you all there.

Until next time 🙂








2016 – 3/4 Camp

Hello Everyone!

We have just come back from an adventurous 3/4 camp where we enjoyed getting involved in all kinds of activities like making damper, going on the giant swing, orienteering, going on the flying fox, getting stuck on the ropes course and much more!


We also have a display of pictures in the 3/4 area now in the entrance. Pop by and have a look. 


See some of our pictures below…

IMG_0382 IMG_0350 IMG_0349 IMG_0205 IMG_0012 IMG_0005


We need chocolate! HWPS Fair

Hi Parents!
This year for the fair the 3/4’s will be running the ‘choc toss’ stall.
For our stall to be a success, we need lots of chocolate!
Please donate chocolate bars to your child’s classroom teacher and these will go towards earning class points.
Thank you to all the parents who have already donated chocolate for our stall!


Student led conferences

Dear Parents,
Student led conferences are on next week on Monday and Thursday nights.
The conferences are a great way for our students to share their learning and future goals with you.
We are very proud of our students achievements this year and are looking forward to sharing these with you.
Book a time with your teacher now on Compass!

3/4 sport

Our 3/4 sport tournament is well underway.
Some of our great team names include The Pacs Mans, The Melbourne Minions, The Flamin’ Dingos and the Ping Pong Pandas.

3/4 sport is a great chance to build our teamwork skills, practice sportsmanship, get fit and have fun! Our sports this term are: netball, basketball, handball, ultimate frisbee and capture the flag.
We love 3/4 sport!


More camp fun….

We are currently doing our final two activities at camp! Last night was our movie night where we all brought our sleeping bags and pillows to a big hall and watched a movie together. We were all very tired and were asleep quite early! We are looking forward to getting back home and sharing our amazing adventures with you.